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“We Were Madmen”

Experience the evolution of the revolution.

The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

"This track hails from The Beatles’ first BBC session that George Harrison took on a lead vocal. It was also the last BBC session that Pete Best played drums on as one of The Beatles. George covers “A Picture Of You” which was already a hit song at the time of the session by Joe Brown and the Bruvvers. You may remember Joe Brown from his performances a few years ago at the Concert For George, but like The Beatles, his beginnings as a musician date back to the British skiffle movement of the late 1950′s. This session was recorded at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, UK on June 11, 1962 and also included “Ask Me Why” and “Besame Mucho.” The sound quality here is as good as it gets for this recording of a dated radio broadcast, though at the time, things were on their way to getting better for the band. The Beatles were within 3 months of recording their first single and changing the world.” - HappyNatThe Beatles Rarity

"One Of Us…" - The Ultimate Tribute to Brian Epstein (by TrainOnAStation)

Just thought it fitting to share this in tribute to the man behind the Beatles after his induction (god fucking finally) into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame last night.

Cheers Brian! RIP, you’ll live on forever

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The Beatles explore the garden at the St. Pancras Old Church, London, July 28, 1968.


The Beatles explore the garden at the St. Pancras Old Church, London, July 28, 1968.

Happy Birthday Julian <3

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ok but i didnt tell you guys that when I got home from seeing Rain last week, I found the guy who (sometimes?) plays as Ringo in the band on fb (he popped up in the page thing ok i swear i didnt search him) and i was like “what the hell man” so i sent him a fb request and righT awaY he accePTED and i was so happy aand oh goD he’s handsome af ok 10/10 would bang.

Anyways, this saturday i checked up my Instagram and its private so i got a request from someone if they could follow me and at first i had no idea who it was but i clicked on their profile anD ITS HIM ITS THE RINGO GUY OKAY HE WANTED TO FOLLOW ME I DID NOT EVEN FOLLOW HIM FIRST OR NOTHING OKAI SCREAMED SO LOUD MY FRIEND HIT ME BUT IDC



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It&#8217;s almost like I actually think it&#8217;s possible to become a Beatle by dressing like one

It’s almost like I actually think it’s possible to become a Beatle by dressing like one

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you say goodbye and I say hello

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more color edits & submit requests


The Beatles’ open “Apple Boutique”, 1967


"And I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group & ourselves and I hope we passed the audition." - John Lennon

The Beatles Rooftop Concert happened on this date in 1969..it was their final performance as the Fab Four :(

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I saw Rain today and they were so fucking great and much more spot on in their character/voice/behaviour/movements in relation to the Beatle each of them played than i thought tbh holy christ i love them soO muCH and the Ringo lad was the best one he was so energetic i wanted to kiss his nose and the Paul chap was charming as hell and George was amazing and John was very cheeky aYYYY my heart hurtS i want themM

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