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So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

I am not on my computer today, so well, I’ve been beating myself up for not being able to do a special tribute photoset for Linda (trying to semi make up for it now)…

But well, at least I need to spew out feelings because I cant bottle them up:


Linda is really the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known of, inside and out. It’s really bad, but I find barely any women role models of my own (besides me mum and grandma that is). Yet despite that, Linda just stands out oh so very grandly from the few others I do quite admire.

It really pisses me off when people think I love her simply because she married Paul. Damn it, no, that’s so goddamn shallow.

I admire Linda because she has done so so much, believed so much, thought and advocated so much in such a short life. I admire Linda because she was and is Linda; an unreplacable soul that has touched the hearts of so many.

I could write books of why I love her, but sadly there is no time currently for so…

She was a magnificent photographer - magnificent. The photos she shot, they all got such spirit in them - such passion (ignore how cheesy this all is). And it was all in great variety, from rock legends to calm shores, all of it is golden and immortal. And the way she holds a camera with her slender fingers, it gives me chills.

She had made already such a grand name for herself even before she had met Paul. Few ‘celebrity’ women can stand by that fact.

She had such spirit in her - belief. She didn’t believe in eating animals, she loved them so dearly. She influenced others (without harassing them) - including Paul McCartney - to become vegetarian for the greater good. She set up a company solely for that purpose. She was never in it for the money. Even when notified that competitors where copying her products, she encouraged it to keep going, she saw it as a sign that the world was evolving and remoulding itself into what she’s worked so hard for. She was that final ‘push’ for me to become a vegetarian and stick to it - happily I’ve been a fullvegetarian for 7 months (since her birthday last year). So thank you, Linda - dearly - for that.

Once diagnosed with cancer, she full out refused to take drugs tested on animals. She’d rather suffer and die than to break her morals, that is how fucking goddamn determined Linda Louise McCartney was - until the very end. Despite that, however, drugs where illegal otherwise. So the doctors (along with Paul, who - believe me - had a hard time doing so) assured her the drugs she was given where not animal tested; it was all for her sake, for her health, and I totally understand it. And they gave them to her. Sadly, this brave and strong woman passed away (Paul speculated in part that it was sooner rather than later due to the delay of her taking medication) on April 17, 1998, as Paul stroked her hand and lulled her to eternal sleep:

“You’re up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It’s a fine spring day. We’re riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out, and the sky is clear-blue…”

So Linda, I love you, I really do, and I’ll always admire you for everything you’ve done and believed. I hope you’re resting in eternal peace, wherever you are or will be. Thank you for it all, Lovely Linda.


- Veronica (britishbeatlemania)

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