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“We Were Madmen”

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So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

Holy shite omg

I get some people are confused and thought George’s birthday is officially tomorrow, and they message me, and that’s ok, I clarify.

But for some of them to just shout at me and reblog my stuff saying how I’m an idiot because it’s actually tomorrow.

I will not yell back simply because George would have never wanted that and all things must pass.

But seriously.

Before you squabble at me, do some research or ask.


Why can’t we just celebrate it both days? Eyy, come on lads

  1. processedbeat said: I can’t see anything wrong with celebrating it twice. just ignore them
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  3. only-a-northern-song said: I have the Beatles official calendar and it says it’s today, bitches need to chill
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