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Living is easy with eyes closed
“We Were Madmen”

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The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

sgtsalt asked: "First name: Veronica Nickname: Mrs. McCartney Gender: Female Nationality: Mexico but you live in Canada Relationship status: Married to Paul, but you're going to have an affair with this Angel guy. Likes: The 1960s, The Beatles, Classic Rock, Cloud Atlas and Jim Sturgess Dislikes: Your face. Random fact: You're awesome. Does that count?"


Especially Relationship statues I mean yeah prolly (also kind of cheating on Pauly already with Ben Whishaw woops I’m in two marriages at the moment) AND WOW I APPLAUD YOU IN MY LIKES/DISLIKES YES THANK YOU HAVE A VIRTUAL COOKIE FOR THIS

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