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“We Were Madmen”

Help a Beatlemaniac out?

Experience the evolution of the revolution.

The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

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lol when i kindly message people to take down reposts and they reply with “Sure” and then don’t do shit

I am going to fucking strap u to a shitty rocket and u better pray u end up in the moon safely.

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my new pjs r v cute and I forgot to post a pic


my new pjs r v cute and I forgot to post a pic

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Heya uhm so perhaps if you're willing could you click this link and vote 

…for that submission linked there for a contest?

It’s my entry and the top 10 entries with the most votes get looked at for a chance to be in the Creative Outlook magazine (first place gets the cover and 2nd and 3rd are included inside) as well as a $250 scholarship which I really really need in the hopes of getting to the college I’ve dreamed of going for so long c:

All you have to do is click the link and press on the thumbs up icon in the blue banner that reads “VOTE HERE” and that’s it; you dont even have to create some sort of account or anything of the like.

Maybe even reblog this to spread this around too please? Only if you think my artwork is deserving of being considered as a finalist of course, don’t want to pressure anyone into anything :3

If you vote please message me so I can thank you personally because honestly it really does mean the whole world!

I think I do have a fighting chance at this so yeah yeahp welp sorry I’ll go back to blogging about the Beatles now

Anonymous asked: "I remember reading that quote about Paul asking Twiggy to take Linda out. I think it was in Linda McCartney "The Biography". Anyway apparently they were friends. "Paul McCartney is also a big friend of yours." "Yes, he is one of my best friends. Linda [McCartney] was a dear, dear friend of mine. I’ve know him since I was 17. We are very close, I was around when his kids were born and growing up. My daughter Carly is the print designer for Stella McCartney. It’s a big family affair.""

Ahh I have added that bio into my to-read list c:

thanks for the info! That’s so cool really

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you say goodbye and I say hello

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more color edits & submit requests

Anonymous asked: "I've always thought Twiggy was so precious. Her personality comes off as very humble and has an almost girlish nervousness lol Plus, I love the fact that she and Paul have remained good friends all these years. The story of Paul asking her to take Linda out on the town because Linda didn't have many friends in London is touching as it shows that Paul trusted her enough to make Linda feel comfortable at a time when the majority were hostile towards her."

from the little I’ve heard of Twiggy, I do quite like her, so I don’t think she was/is a bad person :3 As for that Linda story, this is the first I hear of it! If its true then that’s too cute I’m squealing though honesTLY imagine everyone being an asshole to you because you’re not from there and then your Beatle boyfriend asks Twiggy to take you out for the day okaY I would basically have a stroke out of how perfect that’d be ayyyy

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but ive never heard anything negative said avout her and her smile is rlly cute actually also have u seen old woman twiggy shes so precious in gonna die

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"Why do non-white skaters upset you" hello my best friend is a black skater

Thats cute you sound like all the other racist white guys that go “im not racist, my friend’s black”
Oh wait…

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