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The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white

Anonymous asked: "Its not even that I disagree with your viewpoints on john anymore...I actually agree 100% that the bullshit he did was inexcusable...but the way you and some of your friends present their arguments/viewpoints is sooo unnecessarily arrogant and harsh that I just can't take you your blog and even your supposed love of the beatles seriously I'm sorry"

If i get questions i will answer bc some of u whine if i ignore u so if answering all those load of messages means i come off as arrogant then k id rather everyone knows that im not ignoring them and explaining things than leaving people ignorant soooooooooo
Im going out to eat tacos ttyl

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Can we talk about how cute John is?


Can we talk about how cute John is?

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Happy Birthday to Mrs. Mary McCartney!

A beautiful lady, born to Paul and Linda McCartney. Mary is a very talented photographer and a great vegetarian cook as well as just an overall great human being! Hope you have a beautiful, day (:

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Anonymous asked: "thank you so much for not letting the gross thing the beatles did go just because they were cool artists. its rlly important people know you can like someones work without agreeing with everything they did. so sorry you have to put up with everyone being a dick. rlly hope these people dont drive you away, your blog is great ily :*"

Dont worry nonny tbh its more how busy i am thats driving me away aha but thank u c:

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Anonymous asked: "I totally get what you're saying and I agree. The whole "I understand you have an opinion BUT.." is exhausting and only reveals a person's ignorance. Racism is everywhere, and isn't limited to black and white terms (ie. "but he married a japanese woman) Yoko herself wasn't excluded to racial and offensive terms and she was japanese. Recognizing a person's wrongs (even your idols) doesn't make you ANY LESS OF A FAN. Only that your aware, and not blind worshipping."

Bless thank yes merci :3

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Anonymous asked: "Its a shame ur a human and you justify slurs against white ppl"


Savewhiteppltherealminority 2k14

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Paul McCartney and David Bowie joke for the cameras.

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Anonymous asked: "I don't really understand how it could of been a racial slur considering he married a woman with a different nationality. I personally don't think it was meant to be racist but I can understand how people have your opinion. It's a shame knowing your a Beatles fan and you think that, really"

omG i dont even know how many days this has been going on having a friend of urs being black does not mean ur not racist having your manager be both jewish and homosexual does not mean its funny when u /joke/ using racial/homophobic slurs being married to a japanese artist gives u zero credibility to make a song saying N**** and not be called out on it which fucking decade r u stuck on let me remind u this is 2014

i get his intention was to raise awarness on sexism but that was nOT a way to go about it

its a shame knowing youre human and u think its ok, really

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Anonymous asked: "i know youre not arguing about this publicly anymore but in regards to you claiming john displayed racist beliefs through his song woman is the nigger of the world watch his interview with dick cavett on youtube from 46:35 - 48:56...you can determine your own opinions from that CREDIBLE piece of information,thank you...have a good day"

ive watched that whole interview 2 yrs ago but i rewatched that part again just to please u lil anon and literally uve done 0 to prove your point zERO especiALLY in terms fo racism. he did that interview in 1971 saying “youre always held up to what you said before” and tru i get it ppl change but he apologized 0 times for his racial slurs and Woman is the N***** of the World came out a year AFTER  this interview what the hecky anon cmon u wanna fight with facts then plz actually fight with facts but surprise surprise i, a john lennon fan, have already done my research for years

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sproutingpearls asked: "Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers. (Non Negotiable)"

Ay shit im a twat tho but ill tryy
- im staring to stand my ground on social issues so :))))))
- i know sam and thats hecka fuckin rad
- my icon is fab
- i love my culture
- i dont absolutely 1001% hate myself like last year now its more like 999% hate myself

Thanks luv c:

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Anonymous asked: "I think u need to realize that a lot of people who follow/ed you love john for many reasons and yes he is a idiot for ever hitting cyn and maybe he was racist but really you need to stop with all this hate for him johns music makes many people happy and they admire him and it really sucks that people keep telling you over and over again what a horrible person he was because you don't have any control over it. Have a nice day."


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Copyright @ ‘R Titone’. [e]


Copyright @ ‘R Titone’. [e]

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Paul McCartney plays Something in Orlando [x]

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