"One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"
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Living is easy with eyes closed
“We Were Madmen”

Help a Beatlemaniac out?

Experience the evolution of the revolution.

The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white


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always try to buy flowers from the mexicans by the intersection. your home will be prettier and you’ve helped support someone in need 💐

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I want to be britishbeatlemania when I grow up


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Why do ppl still argue that i present inaccurate facts, even mary admitted i didnt pull things out of my ass yall just scrambling to disprove me but u end up embarrasing urself plz chill and go outside

Anonymous asked: "It's so hard to take anything you're saying seriously because you use horrendous grammar, which usually indicates insincerity. Also, if the people you were arguing with actually said the things you keep ranting about, I would agree with you; but, all they did was present you with more accurate facts - they weren't saying that what john did wasn't abuse etc., they were trying to combat inaccuracies. Yes, what john did was abuse, it makes him an abuser at that time, but not an abuser forever."

Is this 2010 is the whole grammar argument still valid especially to use towards someone whose english is not their first language ????
Try to keep up lil anon, go to my “john issue” tag and then come back to me i have zero energy to argue with a grey blob who dismisses things bc i didnt get someone to peer edit my writing in my own blog byeee

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alfredickcock asked: "If you could only eat 3 and drink 2things for the rest of your life what would those be?"



bless thank u the bae

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alfredickcock asked: "How did you get into your third favorite band? What was the last song you listened? Whats your guily pleasure song? Whats the song you can sing even backwards? Whats that song you cant stand? Whats the song that reminds you of your childhood?"
  1. omg tbh idek who my 3rd faveourite band is mayb Queen??¿¿? But my parents had their Greatest Hits CD and I used to always put it on in the car when i was about 8
  2. Promesas/Decepciones - PXNDX
  3. Love Bug - Jonas Brothers k bc that was my thing when i was 12 they were lyf
  4. tbh i never tried that i probably couldnt sing any song backwards thats hard as hell
  5. the Iggy Aggazwsujt one or Blurred Lines or anything by Ariana Grande
  6. SPACE JAM SONG IDEK THE NAME but also I’ll Make a Man Out of You

thank u sam ilyyy <333

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Anonymous asked: "you are a babe"

Ur a nice liar thank u ❤️

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Paul playing Hey Jude, 1968

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my hair is actually doing the right thing for once


Hello I’m Ringo Starr, welcome to my crib. *Yellow Submarine starts playing*


Hello I’m Ringo Starr, welcome to my crib. *Yellow Submarine starts playing*

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