"One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"
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Living is easy with eyes closed
“We Were Madmen”

Help a Beatlemaniac out?

Experience the evolution of the revolution.

The most extraordinary band to ever be, this blog is a small, clumsy journal of the marvellous past times the artists came to experience.

So here are The Beatles - The last great band in black and white


this is going to sound totally creepy ngl but i have a folder in my computer filled with veros selfies

im srry but if ur trying to change a homophobe by telling them to think it in the way that “well we’ll be too busy screwing other guys so theres more girls for u to fuck :)” then fuck you and i hope an elephant shits on you every day for the rest of your life 

alanadelgrey asked: "I wanna see six beautiful selfies, the ones you love and the ones that are gonna make me sweat and be like "hot DAYUMMMM this girl is gorgeous" (so basically any of your wonderful six selfies) xo"

omg srry i wish i could do it but i cant im gross i rlly am idek mayb another day mayb also thank u ur sweet <3333

Anonymous asked: "You're beautiful, darling. I know loving yourself can be hard, but I really hope you can learn and are able to gain your confidence back"

im rlly not tho thats the reality of my situation hahhh  but thank you <3

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Anonymous asked: "do the six selfies set!"


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Pau McCartney 1965 Rave Magazine

to see more check out earlier postings on my blog for the rest of the photo section

there’s a white girl that goes to DR for months at a time and long story short she is manipulative and destructive towards her own and other’s mental health (most prominently she threatens a Dominican lad I’m friends with her life if he wont date her/be with her 24/7 because she claims shes in love with him).

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the beatles  » magical mystery tour, 1967

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u the bae

u the bae

ok but when people see each other for the first time in liek a gazillion years and they run to each other and hug honestly makes me soO HAPPY IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY I CANNOT BELIEVE like i dont even care if i h8 u if u’ve been missing someone for forever and u finally get to see them and u guys missed each other so much u practically knock urselves over with an embrace i am rlly happy for u that is the best feeling in the world its the best feeling in the whole wide world it makes me all warm and fuzzy


waiting for the call from tyra 

tenor-sexophone replied to your post:

this is so cute omg

He is actually the living definition of cute i cant stand him

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